Corigem Topical Spray

Corigem Spray
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  • NATURES ANTIBIOTIC: A natural treatment and protector, produced by bees for over 40 million years. Helps relieve itching, soothes skin irritations, aids in restoring healthy skin and shiny coat, moisturizes and protects.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR PET: Non-stinging, if licked. All of our products are uniquely manufactured in a cruelty-free and FDA approved facility. Corigem products are pH balanced, all natural & endorsed by Veterinarians for use by all animals, contains no steroids, antibiotics or chloride ingredients.

  • SPEEDS HEALING TIME: Corigem contains a blend of natural botanicals that boost collagen formation and may allow wounds to heal with minimal to no scarring. 100% steroid free which means it has no dangerous side-effects.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If you don't find the Corigem formula to be the most effective and safest pet cream out there then we will refund your money No questions asked.