Try Our Odor Eliminating Spritz to Stop Kitty Litter Smells in Their Tracks!


Corigem Animal Odor Eliminating Spritz

Corigem Animal Odor Eliminating Spritz
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Our Odor Eliminating Animal Spritz is perfect for tackling tough odors around the house. Its unique blend of enzymes mixed with our quality bee propolis makes for the perfect combination to get rid of bothersome odors.

  • WORKS GREAT FOR LITTER BOXES: Spray as needed on your cats litter box to instantly control odor

  • DISINFECTS: While our Spritz control odors, it also disinfects surfaces!

  • SAFE TO USE: Our Spritz is non-toxic, and made with natural ingredients, so it’s safe to use around all kinds of pets, and all kinds of humans!